Bucket Elevators

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It is the eve of the twenty first century and it will be important at this time, if one merely concentrates on increasing the production. Constant research and development in science and technology is the need of the hour. So, DK Industries has aptly recognized this need and has developed Vareity of material handling systems. Bucket Elevator is one such system which assists for handling Varity of material like sugar, grain, corn, coffee, peas, and sunflower seeds and even saw dust DK Industries has many unique characteristics which have made it popular among its users. We manufacture World Class Bucket Elevator with latest technology designed to suit various applications.

Our quality features of Bucket Elevators
• Minimum power consumption.
• Smooth Drive, noise less.
• Optimum capacity.
• Inlet and outlet locations are designed considering material characteristics such as density.
flowbility abrasiveness moisture contents size etc. • RPM designed to maintain optimum centrifugal force.
• All sheet parts are machined to cut size, punched holes, folded on auto CNC M/C. This gives
Perfect alignments and consistent dimensions. • Powder coating technology with phosphdising seven tanks cleansing process to eliminate 100% rust. A fine layer of phosphate oxide is formed on all surfaces from inside out side which is corrosive resistance. On this powder coating and oven backed hard layer of painting is achieved. Long life of paint quality is assured.
• With proper tools and tackles, each Bucket Elevator can be erected within 48 to 64 hours.
• The Buckets are designed and die pressed to deliver 100% sugar and are not fabricated type. Twin leg type design avoids air whirlings and hence Dust Formation is negligible, upward and downward passages are separated.
• Sugar Industries
• Food Industries
• Cattle Feeds
• Fertilizers
• Foundries
• Chemicals