Bagasse Bale Breaker

  • bagasse-bale-breaker

The DK Industries make BALE BREAKER are robust in design is used to crush the Bagasse Bale in to the fine fibrous delinked material. We make Double Stage type of Bale Breaker.
Two Stages of Bale Breaker.
1. Primary Stage
2. Secondary Stage

We can supply single stage or two stage Bale Breakers. In case of two stages the initial investment may be little high. How ever the advantages are more for longer periods. In the primary stage the Bale is delinked and it is in coarse size. This is fed to secondary stage for fine crushing and this gives totally fine delinked fibrous Bagasse. Because of this the Boiler efficiency is increased more by fibrous Bagasse burning 100% .If Bale is not delinked the burning of Bagasse is partial. Hence efficiency of Boiler is reduced. The design is incorporated in close container to avoid prevent flying of Bagasse dust in the air